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To make your Luc Lac Kitchen experience the best experience possible, we've made a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you when you're at the restaurant. Please contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or concerns. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

Who is Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen?

We are just one big, pho sling’n, fish sauce cookin', cocktail pourin', Portland lovin' family.

Do you take large to-go orders?

Yessir! We can take to-go orders as large as ~$200 without any prior notice. To place a large to-go order, call our restaurant during regular business hours and we should be able to coordinate your order with the kitchen to be picked up in about 15-30 minutes. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of our orders, we are unable to accommodate any special pick up times. If you need a special pick up time, please call 15-30 minutes before you intend to pick up. Please keep in mind that all orders over $60 are subject to a 15% service fee.

For any orders larger than ~$200, please email with at least 24 hours notice from your pick-up time. Please note that your order is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation on our end.

Do you take reservations?

Luc Lac does not accept any reservations. We are a first-come, first-serve, walk-in restaurant for complete parties only. Our space is very limited and fills up fast. Out of fairness to anybody already waiting in line and currently on our seating list, we can only take your order once your entire party has arrived in our building. Unfortunately, there are absolutely no exceptions. If we can’t see everybody’s face, your entire party has not arrived.

If you arrive before the rest of your party, you are welcome to stand in line to receive a number to hold your spot in line. Please keep in mind that this number will only hold your place in line and it does not allow you to place any food orders or be seated until your entire party has arrived.

For lunch, our busiest hours are between 11:30AM-1:30PM. For dinner, our busiest hours are between 5:30PM-9:00PM. All guests should anticipate a wait during these hours. Small parties of four or less can typically anticipate a 10-25 minute wait for a table after your order has been placed. Parties larger than six should anticipate a 20-40 minute wait. Depending on how busy our restaurant is, these wait times can vary for better or worse. Please be assured, our team will work our ass off to make sure you get seated as soon as possible!

Do you seat incomplete parties?

No. We have limited seating and there is often a waiting list during our peak hours. Out of fairness to all of our customers, we are only able to take orders and seat parties that are complete.

Is Luc Lac a full service restaurant?

No. We are a counter-service restaurant where all of our customers order at the counter first prior to seating. Customers are seated and served on a first-order, first-served basis.

Do you offer specialty catering?

Yes. We do offer specialty catering under certain circumstances. We are unable to deliver any food and all catered orders must be picked up at our restaurant. Please email with the number of people you are trying to serve, the date, and what you have in mind to discuss all possible options.

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